Preparing Property

For Real Estate Photos

It's certain that you want to sell your home quickly and at the highest price. Here are some tips to prepare your property for our real estate photography that will help to make it shine.


Things to do in all rooms before we arrive:


  • De-clutter everything by cleaning and clearing every room. Remove family photos and other personal items.
  • Check every light and replace burned out bulbs. More light means better pictures and any missing light will be visible in the photos. Be sure to have spare bulbs on hand just in case.
  • Be sure that all blinds are functioning properly.


At the time of the photo shoot


  • Turn on every single light in the home.
  • Open all of the blinds and curtains. Opening the blinds and curtains lets more natural light into the room. More light means better photos.
  • Turn off all ceiling fans to avoid blurring from long exposures.
  • Remove all trash cans.
  • It is best to downplay any pets. Be sure to hide pet bowls, toys, beds, litter boxes and cat trees. While we are photographing the house, cats usually hide and are not a problem. Dogs are more curious, so we prefer that they are out for a walk or out of sight.


Preparing The Kitchen For A Photo Shoot


  • Remove everything on the fridge. This includes magnets, business cards, photos,, etc.
  • Clear and clean the counters. Clean shiny counters look great in photos.
  • Hide dish soaps, sponges and paper towels.
  • Set up the kitchen or dining table with nice set of dishes.
  • Bowl of fruits or bouquet of flowers presents great on the photos.


Preparing Your Bedrooms For A Photo Shoot


  •  Make the beds.
  • Hide personal Items.
  • Close the closets doors


Preparing Bathrooms For A Photo Shoot


  • Put down toilet seat.
  • Hide all toiletries in the shower and well as sink.
  • Clean mirrors
  • Remove towels from doors, showers and bathtubs


Preparing The Living Area for Photo Shoot


  • Turn off television or computer screen
  • Hide remote controls
  • Hide toys
  • Fluff couch pillows


Preparing The Exterior For Photos


  • Clean porches and walkways. Put away bikes, hoses, etc.
  • Put away cars and don't park on driveway in front of your house.



living room photo
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